Global Promise Fund

We are fighting every day to realize a world without breast cancer. The Susan G. Komen® Global Promise Fund is dedicated to reaching underserved people in areas where breast cancer death rates are highest. We’ll do so with projects that:

  • Increase breast health awareness and access to detection and treatment of breast cancer
  • Recruit and fund medical staff
  • Provide services to breast cancer survivors and their families
  • Recruit and train lay ambassadors to promote breast cancer awareness and treatment messages in underserved areas around the globe

Our promise becomes mortally critical when you consider that more than 1.1 million people around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer annually and more than 410,000 will die this year alone. In the next 25 years, another 25 million people will be diagnosed and another 10 million will die, with most of these deaths occurring in countries with limited resources, including 30 countries in Africa and Asia.

Help fulfill the promise

We need people like you who are committed to making a difference. You can support our Global Promise Fund and join the fight to end breast cancer globally. Make a contribution today.

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