Community Grants

Komen XYZ is the local source for funding breast cancer detection, support and educational awareness in Name Service Area Here.  Through its 2013-2014 community grants, Komen XYZ is investing $XX million in education, diagnosis, treatment and support programs here in name service area here provided by XX local organizations that serve uninsured or underinsured residents in our service area. Since it was founded in XXX, Komen XYZ  has invested more than $XX million in local breast health agencies and organizations.

It is estimated that XXX people in are service area today are living with breast cancer.  The funds Komen XXX grants to community programs in our servicearea have made a positive difference in the lives of those living with this deadly disease.

During the 20XX-20XX grant cycle, Komen XYZ funding provided:

  • XXX people with breast health education
  • XXX no-cost screening mammograms for medically underserved Dallas County residents
  • XXX people with breast cancer diagnostic services
  • XXX breast cancer patients with treatment assistance including transportation services to medical appointments, medical care, prostheses, and case management
  • XXX people at high risk for hereditary breast cancer with no resources to pay for genetic screening – are now armed with the knowledge of their family risk and can take steps to manage their risk
  • XXX breast cancers were detected in people who otherwise may not have had access to this life-saving information who are now able to seek treatment

The remaining 25 percent of net funds were invested in the Susan G. Komen Grants Program managed at the national level. To learn more about Susan G. Komen’s research investment, click here. In 2012-2013, Komen XYZ was fortunate to be able to invest more than $XXX,000 solely toward research.